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Welcome to ArtGo!

ArtGo is the largest and strongest visual art listings platform promoting SA art awareness locally and internationally. The founders of ArtGo realize that a quality, consistent and far reaching structure of promoting the knowledge and exposure of art events and art is vital to grow the visual art market in SA.

Before ArtGo there were drips and drab listings by brave websites, but now, with the backing of SA Art Times and their expansive network, it is possible to both maintain and grow the consistence of quality and reach of information to art lovers. If you have any ideas that would assist us with our growth or ease of use, please feel welcome to share. We look forward to your support and bringing you the magic of SA visual art.

Contact us / Advertise with us:

Please feel welcome to call Simon at 021 686 1295 or e-mail for us to give you the best reach at an affordable cost. Alternatively, contact Eugene at 021 424 7733 or

Here’s a short how-to guide for navigating the site:

Categories: This is how to search by area. We have all the South African provinces, art auctions, and international exhibitions by South African artists in this category.

Tags: Here, you can get more specific. You can search for event, exhibition, walkabout, fair, auction. Watch this space to see more tags, like group and solo show, being added.

Venues: Search here specifically for what building/site is hosting what event.

Organizers: With this tab, you can see what events certain places are organising. For example, if you like a certain gallery, find their name in this list, and see what’s current and upcoming for them.

Submit event: Click here to submit an event to ArtGo. It will be sent to a moderator, who will in turn get in touch with you regarding more details, pricing, etc.

Subscribe: This will automatically update your personal Google/Outlook/etc calendar with events we add to the site.

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